In Stuart Hall�s article The Whites of Their Eyes

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In Stuart Hall’s article The Whites of Their Eyes , the author points out how the media portrays race and how the common ideological beliefs of the majority effect what is seen and heard through the images of television and the sound waves in radio. Stuart Hall strongly makes clear that there is not just one or two ideologies and that when making an argument about the media’s representation of certain ethnic groups, one cannot lump all media into one set ideal. Stuart Hall’s main focus throughout the article is on naturalism. The definition of naturalism given in Hall’s article is “unquestioned assumptions.” Hall states that the reason many of these racial stereotypes are allowed to be on screen is due to the fact that people have become naturalized, what is seen is what is believed to be how the world truly is, thus there is no need to argue the validity of the subject. Like an endless cycle the naturalized ideologies fuel the media’s productions and those productions further stimulate the original ideologies. The Whites of Their Eyes
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