J310 Assignment 1

J310 Assignment 1 - Garrett Sanders Gcs375 p A 27 G.O.P's...

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Garrett Sanders Gcs375 September 18, 2007 p. A 27 G.O.P.’s Dirty Tricks Begin Bob Herbert Foul Ball in Right Field The article claims that the Republican Party is trying to steal the upcoming presidential election in 2008. Bob Herbert explains that the proposed alterations to the rules of the Electoral College are a blatant attempt by the republicans to gain an unfair advantage over democrats in the presidential race. By giving the loser of the state of California (a proposed blue state) twenty electoral votes, Herbert concludes it would practically gift-wrap the presidency for the republicans and allow the G.O.P. to reign for four more years. In Herbert’s fourth paragraph he cites that the lawyers proposing this new law have close ties with the Republican Party and despise the thought of seeing a democrat take office. Throughout the article, Herbert points out devious tactics used by the republicans in the recent past to undermine the system such as the Swift boat campaign used to take down democratic candidate John Kerry, and the limited voting allowed in
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J310 Assignment 1 - Garrett Sanders Gcs375 p A 27 G.O.P's...

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