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CSE182MT3RevSpring2008 - • Declaring an Array • Array...

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CSE182 MIDTERM 2 REVIEW SPRING 2008 Exam is Tuesday, 15 April 2008, PSA 118 1:40-2:55 Closed book except one 4”X6” handwritten note card. Go buy the card and handwrite notes on it. No machine copying etc. No divided sheets of paper. Exam covers MT1 covers questions from the previous two exams and Doyle chapters 7. You should have read all of the chapters and you should be proficient with all of the homework problem sets assigned for class as well as the class labs. The questions will be mostly short answer. TOPICS Chapter 7 Arrays and Collections Why arrays?
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Unformatted text preview: • Declaring an Array. • Array initializers. • Array access including traversing arrays with a program loop. • Using foreach with arrays. • System.Array class (pp 342). • Arrays as method parameters. • Array assignment (pp 351). • Arrays in classes (pp 354). • Classes in arrays (pp 356). • Arrays as return types (pp 356). • Two dimensional arrays – Declaration and use, initialization etc. (pp 363). • Jagged Array (pp 367). • Multidimensional arrays (pp 367). • ArrayList class (pp 372). • String class 1 of 1...
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