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CSE182 MIDTERM 2 REVIEW SPRING 2008 Exam is Tuesday, 25 March 2008, PSA 118 1:40-2:55 Closed book except one 4”X6” handwritten note card. Go buy the card and handwrite notes on it. No machine copying etc. No divided sheets of paper. Exam covers MT1 covers Doyle chapters 4-6. You should have read all of the chapters and you should be proficient with all of the homework problem sets assigned for class as well as the class labs. The questions will be mostly short answer. TOPICS Chapter 4 Methods and Behaviors Methods (pp 136) Calling Class methods (pp 144) Predefined methods (pp 146) Writing your own class methods (pp 159) The Object concept (167) Private member data (168) Instance methods (169) Constructor (169) Accessor and Mutator (171) Property (173) Calling instance methods (174)
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Unformatted text preview: ToString() method Types of Parameters: ref and out Chapter 5 Making Decisions Boolean Expressions (210) Conditional Expressions (211) Equality, Relational and Logical tests (212) Short Circuit Evaluation (219) One-way if (221) Two-way if (226) Nested ifelse statement (231) Switch Selection Statements (236) Ternary/Conditional operator ?: (241) Order of operations Chapter 6 Repeating Instructions While statement (266) Counter controlled loop (268) Sentinel-controlled loop (272) Messagebox (275) State or flag controlled loops (281) For statement (284) Dowhile (292) Nested loops (295) Recursive calls (300) Unconditional transfer: break and continue (302) 1 of 1...
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