Aug 25 - Bill Biersach- Worst place to get...

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Bill Biersach- Worst place to get information on the Beatles is from interviews- band members were contradictory, especially John Lennon “The Anthology” is not a historical document- it’s meant to clean up the Beatles’ public image Used (for example) four tracks up until the White Album- first song to use eight tracks was “While My Guitar Gently Weeps”- Beatles didn’t remember what they did- didn’t keep diaries, did lots of DRUGS Peter Brown, “The Love You Make”- excellent book, but shows an obvious bias against Lennon (personal hatred) Beatles were from Liverpool John Lenon, born Oct 9, 1940 during a massive air raid (WW1) His mother was Julia Stanley- gave her son the middle name Winston (after England’s PM, in a fit of patriotism) Dad was Fred Lennon- met Julia at 16, the day he was released from an orphanage- married 12 years later Fred took John to sea after divorce- John became rich and famous, only reconnected with father when he needed cash for medical bills (cancer) JL was upper-middle class (Ringo was impoverished, but the rest were fine) Mimi and George Smith- 251 Menlove Ave 5 shillings Salvation Army Hostel called Strawberry Fields, became a symbol of JL’s childhood First school was Dovedale Primary- JL described in his report card as mean and precocious
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Aug 25 - Bill Biersach- Worst place to get...

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