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HELP! NUJV! HELP was reaaaal- regret that it changed from a slow, Dylan-esque song to a jolly Beatles’ tune Copyright issues- initially called the song Beatles II, then Eight Arms to Hold You Put an exclamation point at the end, and they were okay Started to take LSD at this time- George and John lured into taking it by their dentist Peter Brown- Eric Cousias Ad Lib Club Ticket to Ride 2. rhythm + lead guitars 3. john’s vocal 3. tambourine, guitar, background vocals Paul played bass and lead Described by John as “One of the earlist heavy metal records made” Ryde “I Need You” – Harrison “tone pedal” wah-wah pedal “You’ve Got to Hide Your Love Away” First song since “Love Me Do"- Ringo does tambourine- fellow named Johnnie Scott comes in to play flute- at end of song, there’s two flutes playing an octave apart Yesterday, aka Scrambled Egges June 14, 1965 The most covered song- as of 1990, over 2000 people had done it 2 violines, 1 viola, 1 cello- GM wrote out instructions for the string quartet
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Unformatted text preview: Headphones slipped during recording, produced accidental vocal doubling Her majesty’s birthday honors list, received the acolade of Members of the British Empire Help! August 6, 1965 Hollywood Bowl, 2 shows, 90k per show GH picks up a sitar- This Bird Has Flown--> Norweigean Wood Rolling Stones copied for Paint It Black, toured with only 2 strings tuned Sped up the tape for transition to vinyl (mixing process)- would (1) brighten the song and (2) reduce rhythmic mistakes Day Tripper- JL looked back and called it a forced single Ken Scott said The Beatles were never high in studio- had a second guitar slightly out of tune, which calls attention to the riff “We Can Work It Out” primarily a Paul song On the word “fighting”, the meter changed from 4/4 to ¾- does the same thing at “ask” Took 525 minutes to get right- produced 2 takes- the 2 nd take was chosen Overdubbed a harmonium...
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