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oct 13 - “Girl” Album Single Dec 3 1965 Double A Single...

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"Drive My Car" stayed past mnight- most musicians are night people “In My Life” told Pete Shotton “some are dead and some are living” was a reference to Stu Sutcliffe Middle eight- solo in the middle of the song Baroque- JS Bach Piano recorded at ½ speed- sounds like a harpsichord when played back “Nowhere Man” Paul- Jane Asher “I’m Looking Through You” MBE- Tues Oct 26 Paul “Michelle” “What Goes On”- Ringo gets a writing credit “12-Bar Original”- LMHS (Starkey)- tone pedal guitar GM- Harmonium “Think For Yourself” GH Ken Townsend- fuzz box for Paul’s bass- orig. title “Won’t Be There With You”
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Unformatted text preview: “Girl” Album + Single Dec 3, 1965 Double A Single A Day Tripper B We Can Work It Out GM quit, formed AIR Norman Smith- Artists & Repertoire- found Pink Floyd Geoff Emerick- new engineer, worked on Revolver- no longer doing 2 albums a year 1966- Revolver Other titles- Abracadabra; Magic Circles; Beatles on Safari Aleister Crowley- occultist, face on the cover of Sgt Pepper AC- The Beast 666, The Wickedest Man on Earth Mark 1 “Tomorrow Never Knows” ADT – artificial double tracking- Ken Townsend Phlanging- John Tape Loops- Karheinz Stockhaus Leslie Speaker Hammond Organ Close miking...
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