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Ed Sullivan In His Own Write – Lenin, Mar ‘64 A Spaniard in the Works – came out a bit later IHOW- series of cartoons, illustrations- one line, no shading, strange looking people- short stories written in dialect- developed the character of Sad Michael A Hard Day’s Night- part of a 3-picture deal that Epstein made with United Artists (they approached him) $300k was total budget for AHDN (90mins) Beatles got a total of L25k (about $65k)- directed by richard lester, also did HELP- writer was Alun Owen George, G11 sus4- Rickenbacker electric guitar, 12 string (to start off AHDN)- everyone started wanting one- famously, Jim McGuinn in the LA-based The Byrds (did “Mr. Tambourine Man”) Suggestd that John should sing “If I fail” to Ringo- the song basically asks: do you want me to cheat on my gf/ wife? Cuz I willlllllll. ..” led to fits of giggles And I Love Her- Paul says, the first song I ever impressed myself with 1 st totally acousting song “I’ll cry instead” replaced by “Can’t Buy Me Love” for scene on playing field
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