EPSY 3340 - EPSY 3340 Exam I Study Guide 1. Define:...

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EPSY 3340 Exam I Study Guide 1. Define: theory-a way of organizing our observations about something, variable- anything that varies from case to case, hypothesis-prediction based on the theory on what should happen, research. 2. Describe the characteristics of observational-observing variables in natural surroundings, correlational-investigation of relationships between variables. Not causes…. .RELATIONSHIPS, comparative-done after the fact. Basically comparing numbers of the case, and experimental research- Looking at cause of the fact. Don’t see this much. 3. Give an example of each of the above. Correlation-The more fire fighters there are, the more damage there is going to be. Or CO2 and crime levels have both increased over the past twenty years. Comparative-comparing the poverty rate between different types of economics like capitalism vs. socialism. Experimental-animal testing to see the causes of lung cancer 4. How do longitudinal(-studying the same group of individuals over an extended period of time) and cross-sectional(-looks at different groups of people at different ages) research methods differ? 5. Describe the three domains of development. The cognitive domain is concerned with thinking, reasoning, and constructing knowledge aspects of development. The psychosocial domain deals with the personality, emotions, and social interactions of development. The physical domain deals with bodily growth and maturation (characteristic changes) in development. 6. What are the instinctive foundations of development, according to Piaget? Children are not less intelligent than adults they merely think differently. Cognitive development as an adaptive process. Learning is life-long. We think in schemas (organizations of knowledge) and are constantly adding to or taking away from them, in
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EPSY 3340 - EPSY 3340 Exam I Study Guide 1. Define:...

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