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Test_2_Study_Guide - o Habitat vs Niche o Gause’s...

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ISB 201 – Spring 2008 Section 2 Test #2 Study Guide Major Themes Emphasized Evolution Origin of Life Genetics Selfish Gene Theory Evolution Natural Selection Gradualism vs. Punctuated Equilibrium Evolutionary Processes Habitat vs. Niche Niche Breadth Adaptive Radiation Climate o Hydrologic Cycle o What determines global climate? o What influences local climate? o Biogeography vs. Biodiversity o Factors impacting levels of Biodiversity o Human Impacts on Climate Biomes o Factors dictating biome distribution o Compare and contrast various biomes discussed o Compare and contrast organism adaptations to various biomes discussed Ecology and Species Interactions o Various Types of Species o How do Species Interact? Examples and Illustrations Nuances Associated with Interactions
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Unformatted text preview: o Habitat vs. Niche o Gause’s Principle o Resource Partitioning • Ecological Succession o Primary vs. Secondary Succession • Forensic Entomology • Population Dynamics o Territoriality o Factors Limiting Population Growth o Factors Impacting Populations Density Dependent vs. Density Independent Factors o Carrying Capacity o Biotic Potential o Reproductive Strategies o Population Growth Curves • Human Population o Malthusian Catastrophe o Carrying Capacity vs. Cultural Carrying Capacity o Stages of Cultural Development and Revolutions o Current Trends in Population Growth – Developed nations vs. Developing o Demographic Vocabulary o Factors that impact Fertility o Population Profiles...
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Test_2_Study_Guide - o Habitat vs Niche o Gause’s...

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