iss 12-5 - healthcare in no 40 question finals from each of...

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Sheet1 Page 1 healthcare in canada 80 question finals 20 from each of the prior exams no new questions, all old questions 40 new questions health insurance as a means to seperate from americans budget issues: debt debt=accumalted deficit , plus interest fedearl gov't largest single expenditure debt = 65% of GDP vs 33% in US greater than health care, old age pensions, family allowance, and social insurance combined 1/4 of tax $ used to pay interest on the debt deficit and debt reduction reduced new federal initiatives and programs transfered programs costs to provinces 2000 budget surplus allowed 9 bil payment budget issues: deficit deficit = annual bottom line: expenses - revenues fedearl deficit redution program (1993) 1963 deficit 6% of GDP 1997 deficit 1.1% 2000 budget surplus of 2.5% of GDP GDP passes 1 tril for first time surplus 50% increased social spending 50% to pay down the debt difference in political economy americans concerned with EQUALITY OF OPPORTUNITY indys make choices based on personal assests mortgage tax credits private health insurance canadians concerned with EQUALITY OF RESULTS and UNIVERSALITY OF BENEFITS- all canadians should get benefits regardless of income health care is a constitutional right in all G8 contries (developed) health care in the us, gov't funded gov't programs cover about 30% of americans pay just under 1/2 of all health care realted expenses programs:medicaid and medicare medicaid for 12% of non-elderly, low income americnas
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Sheet1 Page 2 admin'ed by the state w/ a mix of state/fed funds means tested they needa make sure you're not just using it and actually need it not universally accepted, may req co pays cont. medicare (fed program) insures nearly 100% of elderly/disabled ppl req's supplemental insurance to cover deductibles, co-pays and non hospital medical expenses req's deductibles patients must pay an additonal 20% co insurance patients must pay any amount the provider chooses
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iss 12-5 - healthcare in no 40 question finals from each of...

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