04-08-08 Alternative American

04-08-08 Alternative American - Alternative American, 1880...

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Alternative American, 1880 – 1890s Intro From last lecture: Somner and his followers argued that poor people were unfit, and the people that wanted competition. He said scarcity of resource is natural, and that’s what requires competition and the weak would be weeded out. It wasn’t surprising that this concept emerged after the civil war among those who were doing well. During this time, the number of manufacturing workers (unskilled or semi-skilled industrial workers) doubled and the number of artisans and farmers declined substantially. Industrial jobs were not open to black men, but mainly consisted of immigrants; majority of them came from England, Germany, and Scandinavia. Later, it became Italians and Eastern Europeans (Catholic and Eastern European Jews). Working condition was bad for the industrial workers (canning factory, sewing factory etc) and accident rates exceeded that of European industrial working class. About 45% of Italian and Easter Europe immigrants that came to the US in 1808 – 1810 eventually returned to their native country. Working families live in single- residence units, while the upper-class people moved to the suburbs. Increasingly, upper and middle class moved to their neighborhood. I. Edward Bellamy’s Critique of Industrial Capitalism “Looking Backward” – Utopian Novel that was published in 1888 It was a best seller when it was published. That said something very significant about
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04-08-08 Alternative American - Alternative American, 1880...

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