05-08-08 Culture of Reaction

05-08-08 Culture of Reaction - Culture of Reaction 1920s I...

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Culture of Reaction, 1920s I. Intro II. Billy Sunday III. Sunday’s Message IV. Scopes Trial V. Second KKK Movie: There were attacks on Maternalism made. Scene at Coney Island…working class recreation I. With the emergence of the new heterosocial new society come the concern about tradition manhood and womanhood. A movement that galvanized this reaction is related to Billy Sunday II. His father died in civil war and his family condition plummeted. Billy and his brother were tough kids and were difficult for their mother to handle. They were eventually sent of to an orphanage. Billy emerged as a star athlete, a baseball player. HE was a heavy drinker like everyone else but one day decided not to drink anymore when he was approached by a preacher on a street. He later turned down a very lucrative contract with a famous team and took up a job as a preacher in a YMCA. It was said that it was showmanship that gave Billy his success. By 1910, he was requiring all towns give up wooden tabernacles whenever his revival took place. His events incorporated general sprinkling of music and powerful speeches. “Convert cards” were signed by people that attended the revivals and Sunday counted them as he counted as baseball stats. III. Sunday is a fundamentalist. He believed in that events in the bible happened literally as opposed to mere metaphors. He was against dancing, cosmetics, and movies. He told his audience about the dangers of the flesh. Sunday was infuriated with the use of birth control in the urban area. He worried that society was putting motherhood out of fashion. Many of Sunday’s followers focused on his masculinity. Men who lost control over their wives or daughters turned to Sunday and thought of him as the embodiment of manhood, and power. When young women are entering work force and finding a new relationship
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05-08-08 Culture of Reaction - Culture of Reaction 1920s I...

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