05-13-08 The Blues

05-13-08 The Blues - The Blues, 1900s 1930 I. II. III. IV....

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The Blues, 1900s – 1930 I. Intro II. Work Songs III. Early Blues IV. The Great Migration, 1914 – 1920s V. Blues in the City VII. Impact of the Blues I. One of the major forerunners to blues was work songs. As black men worked in the heavy industry they relied heavily on working songs. These men were majority prisoners that were leased out from the prison systems by the state. The singing would help them live through working days. The employers recognized that work efficiency is increased by singing and the employers encouraged the leaders of the workers to sing. II. The first blue singers were at the rock bottom of the poorest group in America. The blue singers bought cheaply made commercial guitars and went from plantations to plantations to earn money. They would entertain white people with their music. Early blues singers were notorious womanizers and heavy drinkers. Blues developed at the plantation sites, but became spread out through the migration of African Americans. At the end of WWI, work force began to be open to Black men. III. “Rhythm on my Mind” – Robert Johnson. IV. It’s not surprising that the Black women and men wanted out of the South; it was a very depressing environment to live it and made worse by the agricultural depression. But the major reason for the migration is the opening of jobs after WWI. Also, as many young white men and some black men went off to war, businesses needed working force. They actually sent message to the south to encourage black males to come to North to work. Some even handed out train fare in order to encourage men to travel north. The primary
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05-13-08 The Blues - The Blues, 1900s 1930 I. II. III. IV....

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