05-29-08 Beat Culture

05-29-08 Beat Culture - Beat Culture The World of Jack...

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Beat Culture: The World of Jack Kerouac I. Intro II. The Beats III. On The Road IV. Beat Culture and Conventional Culture I. Middle class Americans were retreating from politics particularly in the wave of WWII. This political tendency was linked to the anti-communism trend. It was said that average Americans were increasingly preoccupied with the external expectation, i.e. expectations of others. David Riesman said people were concerned with their popularity. Modern people are concerned with how well a person “sells himself”. Personality became a selling point. 1956 alone Americans consumed ___ tranquilizers. Most patients in the hospital were in there for mental reasons. New forms of mental disturbances were growing and the increasing intolerance for deviancy contributed to these statistics. II. Ginsberg and Kerouac formed a group that defined a new culture. As a young boy, Kerouac was a model for a middle class family. Kerouac was much interested in writing but dropped out of college in the first year. He then joined the navy but was discharged
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05-29-08 Beat Culture - Beat Culture The World of Jack...

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