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06-03-08 The Student Movement

06-03-08 The Student Movement - The Student Movement 1960s...

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The Student Movement, 1960s I. Intro II. Civil Rights III. Student Movement, 1962-66 IV. Counter Culture V. Limits of the Movement I. Along with the rise of consumption industry came a notable increase in the size of the organization within which working Americans worked (for example, universities). Mid- 19 th century Americans worked for themselves, by the 50s majority Americans worked for organizations. With the shift of the work life came the psychological shift as well. Americans became more concerned with how people expected them to be. Kerouac became a cultural icon among relatively privileged white college students. These people were the first product of post-war affluent and baby-booms. Their parents placed extra importance on economic security, but to this generation economic security was created for them. II. A couple of African American students came to a coffee shop to get a cup of coffee. The counter in the coffee shop was labeled “whites only”. They were refused to be serviced, yet they decided to just go into the shop everyday and sit there. The KKK eventually
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