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1. What is the purpose of a quality management plan idenTfying the importance of quality metrics? Give an example of two addiTonal (not already menToned in the text) quality metrics that might be used in the Just-In-±ime training project. ±he importance of the quality management plan is to idenTfy what the quality standards will be and how to meet those standards. It also involves designing quality into the deliverables required by the project. Other metrics that could be used are measuring the changes in the scope of the project. Ensuring that whatever changes are made will be²er enable the project to meet the objecTves of the project. ±hey could also measure how repeatable the results of the new training will be. In other words, is there a consistency to the amount of knowledge that trainees have gained from each class. ±hey could use a checklist to ensure that scheduling for the trainees Tme has been coordinated properly.
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