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4118 - Fantasy themesis a word phrase or statement that...

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Fantasy themes is a word, phrase, or statement that interprets events in the past, envisions events in the future or depicts current events that are removed in the time and or space from the actualitites of the family ( fortification is a person word capturing gustav) Setting themse depict where the action is taking place. Character themes describe the actors or people in the drama, ascribe characteristics or qualitites to them, and assign motives to them. Action themes deal with the action of the drama. Oral history interviewing form for married couples: this interview is based on the work of studs terkel, terkesl was interested in creating radio programs, so he invented an interviewing style that is very different from a clinincal interview. He avoided the usual vocal backchannels. (um hmmmm etc.) that clinical interviewers. We-ness you will find some couples who emphasize we-ness in the interviews, while some couples do not. Sometimes on person will be talking about the “we” while the other emphasizes separateness and difference. Glorifying the struggle Some couples will express the philosophy that marriage is hard, that it is a struggle, but that it is worth it. Gender differences See if you can identify differences between spouses that relate the gender differences in the emotional expression, responsiveness and role. Conflict avoideing vesus conflict engaging couples. Some couples iminimize the emotional side of their marital interaction, ither positive or neg affect. They tend to avoid disagreements. 1. Why don’t we start from the very beginning….tell me how the 2 of you met and got together? Do you remover the time you met for the first time? Tell me about it. Was there anything….. 2. When you think back to the time you were dating, before you got married, what do you remember. What stands out? a. How long did you know each other befor you got married? What do you remember of this period? What were some of the highlights? Some of the tensions? What types of things did you do together? 3. Tell me about how you decided to get married? a. Of all the people in the world what led you to decide that this was the person you wanted to marry?> was it an easy decision? Were they ever in love?
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4. Do you remember the wedding? tell me about the wedding. Did you have a honey moon? What do you remember about it? 5. When you think back to the first year you we married, what do you remember. Were there any adjustments to being married? 6. Looking back over the years, what moments stand out as the really good times in your marriage? What ere the really happy times? (what is a good time like for this couple) 7. Many of the couples we’ve talked to say that their relationships go through periods of ups and down. Would you say this is true of your marriage?
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