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P-hookworms - too PICA-crave things that aren’t food eat...

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Nematodes: hook worms(blood suckers): muscular esophagus, anterior end curved J3->skin->lungs->SI->J4->J5->eggs out w/ feces *migratory route goes through lungs in host Blood loss causes anemia and iron deficiency **Acylostoma duodenale and Necator Americanus: hook worm infection-asymptomatic, hookworm disease- clinical signs depend on parasite load, species, overall health of individ. >25 worms, asymptomatic 25-100 mild 100-500 mod 500-1000 sever >1000 grave, fatal Necator numbers -three phases of clinical disease: Cutaneous: dew itch, ground itch (very itchy), Pulmonary: lungs->alveoli- heavy infection, pneumonia, Up tracheal tree->swallowed Intestinal: depend on load, blood loss, protein deficiency and iron deficiency anemia We don’t know importance of blood for parasite, drink more blood than need, have an anticoagulant, Infantile ancylostomiasis: transplacental and transmammary, melena(blood stool), mom effected
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Unformatted text preview: too PICA-crave things that aren’t food, eat dirt If not defin host and get J3: CLM creeping eruption, aberrant hookworm infection. Seen if man gets A. braziliensis, A. caninum, or U. stenocephala Ascarids and kin: large, 3 prominent lips, very distinct eggs **Ascaris Lumbricoides: egg has J2 in it bc resis but when goes into host become J3 in SI, then molt to J4 which are coughed up and swallowed and then molt to JF-gut->liver->lung->gut migration **Toxocara canis-life cylcles different on age and host Puppy and older dog: gut-liver-lung-gut Reinfected older dog: gut-wander-J3 into developmental arrest Pregnant(in utero) to puppy: dormant J3 in mom activated and go to puppy liver, lung, gut Transmammary: j3 in milk from mom-gut-liver-lung-gut...
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