2P-hookworms - Platyhelminthes Trematodes Nematodes...

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Platyhelminthes: Trematodes: Nematodes: Hookworms(blood suckers) and Ascarids and kin Parasite aka distribution inter host inter infec defin host defin infec life cycle eggs morphology man Necator americanus USA man most common Ancylostoma caninum man? dogs,cats Uncinaria stenocephala J1 Ascaris lumbricoides human round worm direct large Ancylostoma duodenale old world hook worm, pathogenicity and life cycle variations major diff btw N. americanus trop and sub trop J3, CLM, host niche: SI hypobiosis(ha lt development in host and stay dormant), direct oviparous, 28,000, this shelled buccal cavity: teeth, larger, 0.2ml blood day new world hookworm, american killer J3, CLM, host niche: SI no hypobiosis(arr ested development, direct oviparous, 10,000, this shelled buccal cavity: cutting plates, smaller, 0.02ml blood day Ancylostoma braziliensis trop and sub trop, gulf coast man, dogs, cats J3 skin pen on hands, feet most common hook in dogs in USA CLM if J3 to wrong defin host dogs, cats,
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2P-hookworms - Platyhelminthes Trematodes Nematodes...

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