2P-roundworms - Platyhelminthes Trematodes Nematodes...

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Platyhelminthes: Trematodes: Nematodes: Roundworms Parasite aka distribution inter host inter infec defin host defin infec life cycle eggs morphology Trichuris trichiura worldwide direct Trichinella spiralis Dioctophyme renale giant kidney worm, thread worms widespread 3rd most common nematode in man, whip worm , 2yr life span host niche: large intestine(transv erse and descending colon must embryonate in soil, STH(soil transmitted helminth, 3000-5000day long, slender anterior, short, thick posterior, stichocytes Capillaria phillippinensis phillipines( jum ping salad is delicacy) zoonotic, fresh water fish migrating water fowl host niche: small intestine juvs develop in fish and are in feces smallest nematode in man, largest intracellular parasite, trichinosis, trichinellosis, trichiniasis worldwide esp in N. america and europe rats pass juv in feces to pigs, hu pigs, hu inter and defin same animal. Hu dead end
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2P-roundworms - Platyhelminthes Trematodes Nematodes...

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