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P-roundworms word

P-roundworms word - estremities Becoming Nurse cell complex...

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Platyhelminthes: trematodes: nematodes: round worms ** Trichinella spiralis: -life cycle: eat NBL in pork, invade SI epithelial cells, 4 rapid molts, mate and reinvade epithelial cells, females release NBL into capillaries -2 phases of infection: enteral -enteritis(short term) has 4 molts. Adults in SI cause local inflammation w/ release on NBL and into bloodstream Parenteral -NBL into cells, formation of nurse cells complex , striated skeletal muscle. Striated cardiac muscle don’t form nurse cell complex. Man dead end host bc tissue with nurse cell complex has to be eaten and we don’t get eaten so cycle stops -Predilection sites for NBL: eye, tongue, masticory muscles then diaphragm, then heavy muscle of
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Unformatted text preview: estremities Becoming Nurse cell complex: change muscle cell morphology, alter gene expression Now nurse cell complex: support NBL, form contractile cell to support cell for NBL development Platyhelminthes: trematodes: nematodes: Filarid nematodes: Wuchereria bancrofti, Brugia timori, Brugia malayi, Brugia pahangi **Dracunculus medinensis: cadeuceus:wings for mercury, threw stick at fighting snakes and they stopped(med symbol) staff of aesculapices: stick to twirl parasite around, actual man, wisdom, strength (med symbol)...
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