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Final Review - LA 1203 Final Review 1820 - paintings on...

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LA 1203 Final Review 1. 1820 - paintings on gallery walls (1 in 10 were landscape paintings) 2. 1880s - 9 in 10 were landscape paintings o Chief Seattle - how can you buy the sky? No one person or country could own the land or sky o Thomas Cole - Founder of Hudson River School of Painting o Bryant and Cole were depicted in "Kindred Spirits" by Asher B. Durand o "The Rocky Mountains" was sold at an auction for The American Sanitation Committee o Albert Biersted - painted "The Rocky Mountains" o William Bartram - First native born artist naturalist " Travels " - first international best seller o John and William Bartram (father and son) found a plant called " Franklinia Altamaha" on the Altamaha River o George Washington and Thomas Jefferson are associated with the Natural Bridge Jefferson - Camp David Washington - surveyed it o Jefferson has on his tomb: Statutes of the religious freedom to the state of Virginia father of the University of Virginia Declaration of Independence o In the Township and Range section , in the middle of the Township, section 16 shows up Section 16 is for the School board o In Louisiana we have the French Long Lots survey system o 2 main survey systems in America: Township and Range French Long Lots o Thomas Cole painted a series of paintings (a " Course of Empire "). Their names were: 1. “The Savage Stage” – (1834) Raw nature 2. “Arcadian or Pastoral State” – (1834) 3. “The Consummation of Empire” – (1836) 4. “Destruction” – (1836) 5. “Desolation” – 1836 o John Muir born in Dunbar, Scotland and went to school at the University of Wisconsin o Gifford Pincho (forrester) and John Muir were at odds over The Hech Heche John Muir lost that battle o Took 20 years of lobbying for the Natural Wilderness to get through congress of the US
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Final Review - LA 1203 Final Review 1820 - paintings on...

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