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ISS 336 Canada: Social Science Perspectives Name:______________________________ Dr. Handrick Fall Semester 2007 PID: _______________________________ Quiz Two Form B 1. The examination consists of 60 objective questions. Do not omit any. 2. Sign your name and write in your student number in the upper right hand corner of the test booklet. 3. Be sure to fill in information regarding your name and student number on the answer sheets. 4. Double marked items will be scored wrong. Your score will be the number of items marked correctly. 5. Choose the single best answer to each question. _____________________________________________________________________________________ 1. This exam is A) Form A B) Form B 2. In his classic work, The Commercial Empire of the St. Lawrence , Donald Creighton provided an historical framework to justify PM John A. MacDonald’s national policy that included… A) The view of merchants as heroes in building Canada. B) The importance of economic growth in central Canada even at the cost of underdevelopment elsewhere. C) The view that French Canadians were an impediment to development. D) All of the above 3. According to the segment “Carving the Spoils” in Canada: A Peoples’ History , following the defeat of the French, the Ottawa chief Pontiac led a rebellion in the Ohio Valley directed against British settler and forts. A) The rebellion was suppressed when French settlers intervened on the side of the British. B) Pontiac was defeated at Fort Michilimackinac following a lacrosse game between the Indians and British troops. C) The British used smallpox infected blanket material to decimate the Indian population of the region. D) All of the above E) A and C only 4. During the War of 1812, the American population numbered 7.5 million or nearly twice as many people as in all of Canada. A) True B) False 5. Following the Treaty of Versailles that ended the War of American Independence in 1783… A) The British ceded the Ohio Valley from the Appalachian Mountains to the Mississippi. B) The northern border between the U.S. and Canada from the Great Lakes to the Rocky Mountains was fixed on the 45 parallel. C) The Americans removed the Native Americans in New England who had supported the British forcing them to take refuge in Canada. D) All the above E) A and B only 6. According to Thompson, the reason the British were willing to come to favorable terms ending the War of 1812 because… A) The American offered to purchase the old French territory between the Mississippi River and the Rocky Mountains. B) The British realized that the Americans who had adopted the colonial French tactic of fighting from behind trees and rocks could not be defeated militarily. C)
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TEST FORM B - ISS 336 Canada Social Science Perspectives Dr...

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