Evolution, curvy spines in women

Evolution, curvy spines in women - to the continual...

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Evolution Spines, Made Extra Curvy for Women John Schwartz addresses the occurrence of evolutionary change in women as a result of pregnancy in his article, Spines, Made Extra Curvy for Women . Apparently, the female spine has evolved in such ways as to reduce the back pressure that women experience during pregnancy as the stomach expands and a female’s center of balance shifts. The lower spine in women has become “stronger and more flexible” as a result of evolution. The article explains that the adaptation was necessary as females may have been unable to “forage effectively or escape predators” otherwise. 19 pregnant females were observed and it was noted that their vertebrae are shaped differently. The female vertebrae are more stable and “less prone to shifting or breaking.” The article also admits
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Unformatted text preview: to the continual existence of females experiencing back pains during pregnancy, which just shows that evolution doesn’t provide perfect solutions but merely better ones. Articles like this one make it hard for one to understand how the religious argument can be legitimized. I find this example telling as the evidence given seems relatively obvious and telling. Scientific articles are seemingly more convincing to me because they provide factual-based arguments that are hard to argue against. I find the entire debate interesting and although I grew up in a religious environment, I lean more towards a Darwinian point of view....
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