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Examples of Epic Heroes * Gilgamesh This was from the middle east. Very interesting to see how the rest fall into line behind him * Siegfried Tragic lover. He dies a horrible death. Most of them die horrible deaths. * Beowulf Movie made recently. Don’t see it. Read the book yourself. Next semester it will be required reading. * Odysseus Etc. * Achilles Etc. * Hector * Hercules * Aeneas * El Cid Mexican folk hero. * Rama * Sundiata Keita * King Arthur Not real. Yeah, they said they found a grave, but not real. Hence, a myth. It is interesting to see how many people think are real. * Väinämöinen * Robin Hood
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Unformatted text preview: Not real again. Another historical figure people think is actually historical. * Guru Gobind Singh * Aragorn Read the book, dont see the movie. * Rostam * Rand Al'thor * Jesus. The bible is interesting if you look at it in folkloric terms and motifs. People can get angry here, so dont get pissed off. Not all people believe in Jesus. * mother mary very important in many religions. * female epic heroine. In some places it seems like she is bigger then Jesus. In short please read the literary figures first, not movies. Many die horrible deaths. What is the role of females ? Are roles gendered?...
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