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History 143 Book Review Due: Friday, April 18, 2008 Four to five pages Read: John F. Kennedy and a New Generation , David Burner Writing a Book Review A Book Review is not a book report. Rather, a book review tells something about the book, but focuses primarily on the success (or failure) of the book to present its position. Also provide your reaction to the book – good or bad and why. Questions to ask as you read the book ~ 1. What is the author’s purpose in writing the book? 2. What are the author’s main points? 3. What kind of evidence does the author use to prove his/her points? Is the evidence convincing? 4. Does the book offer new evidence or new viewpoints to the topic?
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Unformatted text preview: 5. How successful do you think the author was in carrying out the overall purpose of the book? What to write in the review 1. Introduction title, author, scope of the book 2. Give a brief overview of the content of the book and the purpose for the book. 3. Summary of the book give specific examples of main points. 4. ***Evaluation of the book a. how well the book achieved its goal b. how well did the author present his material c. what specific points are convincing/not convincing d. how does the book relate to what you know about John F. Kennedy e. what are your opinions on the book 5. Conclusion tie your presentation together...
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