Can We Feed the World 4/7

Can We Feed the World 4/7 - Can We Feed the World?...

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07/04/2008 11:09:00 World Food Production and Hunger Projection is that we are at 6.8 billion and will level off at 11 billion people Availabitity and distribution of food can become a limiting factor Interactions with environment or food production: o 1) fertelizer usage o 2) nutrient input o 3) forest clearing, land clearing, conversion to agriculture o ___ resulting in soil compaction nutrition: o undernourishment = too few calories o malnutrition = lack of nutritional requirements lack of protein o overnutrition = too many calories o how does the supply of food compare to the increasing world population? In recent history the production of food has well kept pace with increasing population yet there are 800 million people in the world that are hungry. Major sources of problems in the distribution and supply of food. Africa not only has not gone up but has actually gone down substantially since 1960 in food production. The continent doesn’t have the ability to support it’s population. Why? 12 civil wars, 70 coups, 13 major assassinations, the social instability seriously undermines the ability of that continent to produce food. Also non human issues: drout, famines in Ethiopia Somalia and Sudan. Can we Increase Food Production? Current resource utilization: o 38% of total land area on earth is used for something that contributes to food (crop production, pastures, livestock grazig) o 11% of land excluding antartica has crops on it o 80% of freshwater usage o 50% of fixed nitrogen becomes fertelizer
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Can We Feed the World 4/7 - Can We Feed the World?...

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