lab 2 chem 232 - October 8th 2008 Preparation and Reactions...

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October 8 th , 2008 Preparation and Reactions of Alkenes Object: To carry out the dehydration reaction of α -terpineol and analyze the alkene products using gas chromatography, the Bromine test and the Baeyers test. Chemical Equations: Figure 1 : Dehydration of α -terpineol. Procedure Reference: Marrs, P. Chemistry 232 Lab Manual, 2008, 25-30, A-1, A-12, A17, & A-21. Experimental Data and Observations: Table 1: Product results done by gas chromatography. Compound Retention Time (mins) Area (cm 2 ) % composition Limonene 3.7 6.3 100 Product mixture 3.7 9.02 69.8 Observations: The major peak of the product mixture corresponds to the retention time of the limonene sample. Table 2: Results of the Bromine and Baeyer unsaturation tests. Compound Bromine Test Baeyer Test Blank - - 4-methyl-2-pentanol + + α -terpineol - (orange) + some ppt / purple) alkenes product + (orange) + (brown ppt) cyclohexane - (orange) - (purple) limonene + (orange) + (brown ppt) isoprene + (colourless) + (some ppt / purple) phenylacetylene - (orange) - toluene + (cloudy) - (purple) Note: Reagents: Table 3: Information on the reagents involved in the dehydration of α -terpineol.
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Compound MW (g/mol) Used Mole Physical and Safety Data α -terpineol 136.24 5.0g 0.0367 d 0.85 g/mL, bp 173-184 o C. Irritant. Dispose as a non-halogenated waste. 85% phosphoric acid H 3 PO 4 98.00 5mL 0.0729 85% by weight in H 2 O.
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lab 2 chem 232 - October 8th 2008 Preparation and Reactions...

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