EXAM 2 - BIO 102 Second exam(VERSION 3 11 March 2008 name...

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BIO 102 name ___________________ Second exam (VERSION 3) 11 March 2008 Select the BEST answer or phrase for the following questions. This exam has 50 questions. READ the questions and possible answers carefully. Read all choices before selecting the "best" one. 1. When you admire the “flowers” of dogwood or poinsettia, the colorful part is a. the sepals b. the petals c. the stamens d. the receptacle e. floral leaves or floral bracts 2. The yellow color of a carrot results from a pigment that occurs in what part of the cells? a. in chromoplasts b. in cell walls c. the vacuole d. in the nucleus e. in the cytoplasm 3. How many leaves are shown in the drawing??? a. 4 b. 2 c. 8 d. 9 e. 1 4. A plant hormone that stimulates fruit ripening and is a gas is a. auxin b. gibberellin c. cytokinin d. ethylene e. ripenin 5. Which treatment increases the free energy of water molecules in a plant cell? a. increase turgor pressure b. decrease cell temperature c. promise the water molecules a trip to the store d. increase concentration of sugars e. decrease turgor pressure 6. The embryo sac of angiosperms consists of ___ cells and ___ nuclei that are ___. a. 8, 8, haploid b. 4, 4, diploid c. 2, 2, diploid d. 7, 8, triploid e. 7, 8, haploid 7. Nearly all of the paper in North America is made from what group of plants? a. angiosperms b. fern allies c. ferns d. mosses e. gymnosperms 8. How many of the nuclei in a pollen tube actually fuse with nuclei in the embryo sac? a. 2 b. 8 c. 3 d. 1 e. 4 9. Phototropism involves which 3 items listed below? a. light, gravity, ethylene b. light, auxin, cell elongation c. light, auxin, cell shrinkage d. gravity, cytokinin, mitosis e. ethylene, light, mitosis 10. In a leaf, the layer of cells just below the upper epidermis is the a. stomates b. palisade mesophyll c. spongy mesophyll d. lower epidermis e. cortex 11. In a plant, photosynthesis occurs in __ and respiration occurs in ___. a. all of the green cells, all of the live cells that are not green b. all of the green cells, all of the live cells c. all of the live cells, all of the live cells d. all of the live cells, all of the dead cells and live cells e. all of the live cells that are not underground, all of the cells underground
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2 12. The opposite of a turgid cell is ____ cell. a. an inflated b. a plasmolyzed c. a colorless d. a haploid e. a frozen 13. Which is not a fruit in the botanical sense? a. cucumber b. chili pepper c. tomato d. pumpkin e. onion 14. The male gametophyte of a Pine is also called a. the ovule b. the small cone c. a pollen grain d. tree e. Rocky 15. A plant has 10 chromosomes in each cell in its roots. When this angiosperm reproduces sexually, how many chromosomes will be in each egg , each cell of the endosperm , the tube nucleus , and in each
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EXAM 2 - BIO 102 Second exam(VERSION 3 11 March 2008 name...

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