EXAM 3 - BIO 102 Third exam (VERSION C) 10 April 2008 name...

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1 BIO 102 name ___________________ Third exam (VERSION C) 10 April 2008 Select the BEST answer or phrase for the following questions. This exam has 50 questions. READ the questions and possible answers carefully. Read all choices before selecting the "best" one. 1. The presence or absence of what feature can be used to distinguish a moss from a fern? a. spores b. seeds c. flowers d. vascular tissue e. ability to grow on land (versus can grow only in lakes and streams) 2. Many dark structures about one inch long protrude from the stalk that bears the grains of the rye plant. These structures are harvested and ground with the grain into flour. What are some likely affects that may result if you eat bread made from this flour? a. burning sensation in skin, hallucinations, loss of fingers and toes b. blindness and a reversal of temperature sensing (ice feels hot, and hot feels cold). c. choking, massive perspiration, and speaking backwards (e.g., “question this miss will I”) d. an unnatural interest in collecting the complete recordings of Britney Spears e. diarrhea, cramps 3. The ___ plant and many members of the rose family make __ as a defense against herbivores. a. suicide, cyanide b. cassava, sharp thorns c. lemon, cyanide d. yew, alkaloids e. cassava, cyanide 4. Drought strikes a population of plants. What is “selected for” and what does the selecting? a. resistance to drought, the drought b. sensitivity to drought, the drought c. drought, resistance to drought d. drought, the plants e. production of large seeds, the environment 5. As more people develop diseases such as AIDS that decrease the effectiveness of their immune systems (or require treatments that lower the effectiveness of their immune systems), what type of serious diseases can we expect to see more frequently in these patients? a. ringworm and athletes foot b. systemic fungal infections c. fungi on toe- and fingernails d. PSP e. DSP 6. Which non-protein amino acid would be the most effective defense against herbivores? a. one of the 20 amino acids used in proteins b. an amino acid that is chemically very similar to one of the 20 amino acids used in proteins c. a double alkaloid with cyanide d. an amino acid for which no code in the tRNA of the herbivore was present e. an amino acid that is chemically very different from the usual 20 amino acids 7. In tropical waters, certain species of fish sometimes are toxic if eaten and other times are not toxic. What causes the inconsistency in toxicity? a. what the fish have eaten b. what kind of fungi grow in their intestines c. how the fish are cooked (boiled vs. grilled) d. an ancient Polynesian curse e. what time of day the fish were caught 8. Collisions with comets and meteorites are likely to have been a source of ____ to the young earth. a.
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EXAM 3 - BIO 102 Third exam (VERSION C) 10 April 2008 name...

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