FINAL EXAM - BIO 102 Final exam (version 3) 6 May 2008 name...

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BIO 102 name ___________________ Final exam (version 3) 6 May 2008 Select the BEST answer or phrase for the following questions. This exam has 80 questions. READ THE QUESTIONS AND POSSIBLE ANSWERS CAREFULLY. READ ALL CHOICES BEFORE SELECTING THE "BEST" ONE. 1. The characteristic shape of coastal sand dunes is caused by _____ causing most _____of ____ at the front of the dune. a. picnics, cases, sunburn b. salt spray, damage, plants c. plants, erosion, sand d. plants, accumulation, sand e. erosion, loss, plants 2. Haustoria are formed by ___ and are ___. a. phytoplankton, the site of most photosynthesis b. true mistletoe and dwarf mistletoe, formed in the soi c. dodder, used to attract birds to disperse their seeds d. dodder and true mistletoe, used to take nutrients from the host e. brown tree snakes, not something that you want inside your car 3. Founder plant species reached Hawaii by three means. In order from MOST IMPORTANT to least important, these are: a. carried by birds, floated in the ocean, blown in wind b. blown in wind, floated in the ocean, carried by birds c. floated in the ocean, carried by birds, blown in wind d. carried by European explorers, carried by Polynesian settlers, carried by tourists e. economy class tourists, business class tourists, first class tourists 4. The strong odor of plants like mints, basil, oregano, sage, and broccoli has what function? a. make plants attractive to members of the “opposite sex“ b. aid in seed dispersal c. attract pollinators d. lure herbivores to their death e. repel herbivores 5. Where can Zebra mussels be found? a. in the Great Lakes and other waterways of the eastern and Midwestern U.S. b. attached to native mussels c. feeding on water hyacinth in the Black Sea d. a and c e. a and b 6. Decreased populations of terrestrial birds on Guam resulted in at least three important biological effects: a. sales of Windex declined, use of car washes decreased, hat sales fell off b. populations of sea birds increased, rat populations increased, most species of native plants became extinct c. insect populations increased, fish populations decreased, worm populations declined d. rat populations increased, dog populations decreased, flea populations increased dramatically e. insect populations increased, certain species of plants were not pollinated, seeds of some species were not dispersed 7. _____ are able to make ammonia from nitrogen that they get FROM ___ a. Rhizobium, glucose in plant roots b. Azotobacter, N 2 gas in the air c. arbuscular mycorrhizal, nitrate in soil d. Azotobacter, nitrate in soil e. arbuscular mycorrhizal, N 2 gas in the air 8. I have green leaves. I am parasitic on angiosperm trees. Birds like my fruit. My name is a. Rafflesia b. true mistletoe c. witchweed d. Michael J. e.
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FINAL EXAM - BIO 102 Final exam (version 3) 6 May 2008 name...

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