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HW4sol - subtract f 1 f 2 4.13 Note that you do not need to...

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Physics 237 Solution to Homework Assignment #4 4-3. The Lyman series corresponds to wavelengths given by the formula: 1 λ = R 1 1 n 2 ; n = 2,3,4,. .. . For _ = 164.1 nm, n = 1.5. So, the observed line is not in the Lyman series. 4.6. This uses Rutherford’s expression for the fraction f (_) of alpha particles scattered at angles greater than some angle _. We evaluate f (_) from the density of Au and the foil thickness. To obtain the fraction of particles scattered between two given angles, we
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Unformatted text preview: subtract f (_ 1 ) - f (_ 2 ). 4.13 Note that you do not need to do the numerical calculations from scratch: use the value of the Bohr radius for the Hydrogen atom and scale it appropriately for the given quantum number n and the nuclear charge. 4.17. Note the usefulness of the conversion 1240 nm = 1 eV for easy conversion between photon energy and wavelength....
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