Exam2-Spring2006-Solution - Name Section __ THE...

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Unformatted text preview: Name Section __ THE PENNSYLVANIA STATE UNIVERSITY Department of Engineering Science and Mechanics Engineering Mechanics 11 “Exam 2 March 2? 2006 6:304:45 pm (75 minutes) Problem 1 Problem 2 Problem 3 Total Problem 1 12 in. 4 '111‘ #200 1b An escalator is driven by a chain connected to \ point A which supports a force F. The rollers at points A and B ride in a loose fitting track. If a person weighing 2001b is being lifted at a steady speed and other weights may be neglected, de— termine the required chain force F and the reac— tions at the wheels at A and B. E {c :5? l3 “ffwwé‘ a wwmwmwi j g EM): 5‘ » if: .p 313%; * g a i E i 533;; :1 green {:3 gal /17 g , i i in g; a ' ~ i Else if? “g E 3 be, (earner? we M'PMJM “if”? M ,i l l: Ker :‘E’VQSA M? is j s 3 PW 3’” ' ‘ r we“ a? l” ‘L x , al’ééiéfiw 3 so EB; E%:213.§li} Problem 2 (33%) In orthodontics, teeth are repositioned by applying forces to them for prolonged periods of time. If point A has coordinates (2,7,8)mm,131=(0.87§— 0.3j— 0.11%)N,F; = (—0.72— 0.1j+ 0.05 N and A? : (0.15+1.4j—- 0.3 N - mm, determine an equivalent force system at point 0. Problem 3 (33%) Reduce the given distributed force system and moment at A to an equivalent force system consisting of a single force. E" uewsexwimt 7%.»: digit; 7 xi E 52;: W a g 4” is” w ’ asiabwm} f ‘13“ M "m a? aim; i f‘ ; g i (“z mfié ifsem_ ,5,“ J kegs vs:- V /. ééw “Mao/Reed; W ‘” WWfiM’AiQ Kg :2 ~ $0 ks} ? i 3 em e355 aékif 53,§M);x-éi‘e§i5/EFEZZ Yr Jig); veggie; mist/fl M €33 Wimfizwmrmmmmm / A WW, 1”“ fit”). ...
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This note was uploaded on 10/15/2008 for the course EMCH 211 taught by Professor Ventsel during the Spring '06 term at Pennsylvania State University, University Park.

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Exam2-Spring2006-Solution - Name Section __ THE...

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