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Exam #1 Form A - Statistics 211 (Spring 2001) This test consists of 6 numbered pages. Make sure you have all six pages. It is your responsi- bility to inform me if a page is missing!!! You have 50 minutes to complete this test. Make sure you fill out and “bubble in” the following items on the scantron sheet: – Last Name, First Name, MI. – Dept (STAT), Course No (211), Section (505). – Social Security Number (enter your Student ID). – Test Form (A or B). – Enter the exam number, sign and date the form. You will loose credit if you fail to fill out your scantron form correctly. You may use all the crib sheets from the web site, all appropriate tables and a calculator. This test is not open book. The only item you may use the book for is the tables in the back. If I provide partial results—assume they are correct and use them even if they are not. If there is no correct answer or if multiple answers are correct, select the best answer. There is no penalty to wrong answers ... so guess if you do not know an answer. It is your responsibility to look at the overhead or blackboard about every 15 minutes and to incorporate any relevant information into your test. You can keep this exam! 1
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Chapter 1 [1] A data set of 10000 observations has a median of 8. If a constant of 2 is added to every observation what would the median of this new data set be? a) 6 b) 8 c) 10 d) 1000 e) We need to know the actual data to answer this question. [2] The first four deviations from the mean in a sample of n = 5 reaction times were 0 . 0 , 0 . 2 , 0 . 8 , 1 . 0, what is the fifth deviation from the mean? a) -2.0 b) 0.0 c) 1.0 since this is not a trimmed mean. d) 2.0 e) We need to know the actual data to answer this question. [3] The mode of a data set is: a) is use to calculate the fourth spread . b) is undefined if Q 3 - Q 1 is greater than 1. c) the least frequent observation in the data set. d) is always between the mean or median of the data set. e) the observation that occurs most frequently. [4] The “box” portion of a boxplot contains approximately what percent of the data? a) 25% b) 50% c) 75% d) 95% e) It varies — it depends on the actual data set [5] For a perfectly symmetric distribution how would the trimmed mean and mean relate? a) mean < trimmed mean b) mean > trimmed mean c) mean = trimmed mean d) mean 6 = trimmed mean e) The relationship is unknown. It could be any of the above. [6]
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oldexam1 - Exam #1 Form A - Statistics 211 (Spring 2001)...

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