Persuasive essay on Milton's "Paradise Lost"

Persuasive essay on Milton's "Paradise Lost" -...

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Unformatted text preview: Tainted Fate John Miltons interpretation of Genesis, Paradise Lost shows that though after eating from the tree of knowledge Adam and Eve committed several sins, they were already destined to condemnation and even sinned before partaking from the fruit. Eve sinned as soon as her gaze met the reflection of her celestial beauty and worsened in transgression against God with every book. Adam sinned the minute the two lovingly came together in supposed lust-less embrace and refused to acknowledge his indiscretion. From the minute each was created, they were destined to adulterate Gods decree; but it was not until the actual literal shattering of Gods first commandment to the sovereigns of Eden that they were cast out of bliss. Not only did Adam and Eve sin before Satans involvement, but they set a downwards trajectory for themselves thus sealing their fate as fallen. Lucifer committed the first sin when he beheld the concept of envy for the first time ever. While Lucifer was still Gods favorite and, the fist archangel great in powr [V.660], all the seraphim with [him] combined in bold conspiracy gainst Heavens King [II.750-751] and Sin burst forth from his head, the embodiment of the first envious thought. Following this occurrence, Lucifer commits the second sin when he lusts for his new-born daughter and becamst enamoured [II.765] with her thus conceiving death, and other sins follow thereafter. Raphael tells Adam of Lucifer and thus brings up the concept of envy, which before was omitted from Adam and Eves respective vocabularies. So that Adam and Eve might be prepared for Satans tempting, God Adam and Eves respective vocabularies....
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Persuasive essay on Milton's "Paradise Lost" -...

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