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Cultural Analysis 1 Running Head: CULTURAL ANALYSIS Cultural Analysis Devang Karnik University of Phoenix
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Cultural Analysis 2 Introduction It is very important for businesses going global to be able to understand and adapt to the local cultures, customs, stereotypes and values (Hodgetts, Luthans, & Doh (2005)). Businesses need to be sensitive and show respect to the cultural differences between the two places that they operate. They also need to use the these and other differences in values etc. to their advantage rather than being at a disadvantage due to them. This can be done by thorough study of the culture of the country that they are going to enter. A) Differences between US and Czech cultures While there are some similarities between US and Czech cultures, there are some significant differences that need to be studied and addressed in order to mitigate any risks associated with these differences. “Czechs are individualistic in that they may be stubborn in stating opinions or wishes. However, Czech society emphasizes conformity and cooperation, and community leaders are held in high esteem” (Czech Republic, 2008). The combination of these factors leads to delayed and lengthy decision making processes. Tim Nollen, author of “Culture Shock!: Czech Republic” as quoted by Cahalan(2008) says that the old communism still creeps into everyday business dealings. Nollen estimates that a business takes twice as much time to start up in Prague United States (Cahalan, 2008). Cahalan addresses these issues as legal and financial minefields. These include difficulties faced in registering the new business, getting clearance from
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Cultural Analysis - Cultural Analysis 1 Running Head:...

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