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Environmental Analysis - Retail

Environmental Analysis - Retail - Cultural Analysis 1...

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Cultural Analysis 1 Running Head: CULTURAL ANALYSIS Cultural Analysis Devang Karnik University of Phoenix
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Cultural Analysis 2 Introduction The macro-economic environment that a company operates is very important in determining the performance of the company and the challenges ahead of it. The company that I work for is part of the retail industry. “The challenging macro-economic environment will continue to be a drag on retail sales growth, limiting gains to 3.5 percent this year, according to a forecast by The National Retail Federation (NRF), the retail industry's largest trade association” (Wolf, 2008). The macro-economic environment prevailing right now is indeed very challenging not only for the retail industry but for every other industry and the overall economy as a whole. Macro-economic indicators affecting the retail industry Some of the important variables affecting the retail industry are consumer expenditure, consumer confidence index, the inflation and the disposable income among others. In the last few years, consumers have played a major role in economic growth (Economy set for soft landing, 2006). This ability has been supplemented by being able to turn the paper gains into disposable income by tapping into increased home equity (Economy set for soft landing, 2006). In this analysis, I will be focusing on consumer confidence index, the consumer expenditure and the disposable income. When the
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