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ITP 109 Lab 2 Goal In this lab, you will write your own Mad Libs story. You will get comfortable using basic variables and get an understanding of basic input and output systems. Assignment You are to create a Mad Libs style program. For those who have never played with Mad Libs, the idea is to write down different words that fit parts of speech, and then incorporate them into a prewritten story. For an example, please go to . Your program must first read in at least 4 words (String) and 1 number (int). The words need to be different parts of speech such as a noun, verb, adjective, adverb, or preposition. (You can also ask for a special type of the part of speech. An example is asking for a place or name for a noun.
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Unformatted text preview: Another example is a color for an adjective.) • Your program must then be able to print out the story with the user’s words injected into the story. You need to signify to the user what his/her words are in the story such as putting single quotes around the user's words (escape characters). • You create your program using Eclipse. Your project should be named Lab2 , and your Java class should be named MadLibs . • Use the Scanner class to get input from the user, and use System.out to print to the console window. Grading - 15 points total • 5 points: Reading in each individual word • 5 points: Incorporating the words into the story • 5 points: Comments, style, and proper submission...
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