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1 ISP 217. Spring 2008. Test 1 review questions. Dr. Peacor Lectures, 3, 4, 7 and 8. I give some questions, and some stuff to know. If you can answer these, that is everything you need to know. But just in case, I mention some stuff you don’t need to know. Test study technique I recommend: After glancing at figures, see if you can reproduce them without looking. Try to label the axes, and describe what the figure is “telling” us. Lecture 3. Know the meaning of all terms on slide 6. E.g. Condensation is what? What is convection and what is it’s relationship to condensation and clouds? Where does water beading on a cold pop can come from? How does water re-enter the atmosphere? Which way is water transported due to atmospheric advection? Questions such as the in class question based on slide 28: Does more or less water travel to the atmosphere each year than is in the atmosphere? By about how much? What % of water is in the Oceans, Glaciers, and atmosphere? (Don’t worry about others on slide 29). How does deforestation affect flooding? What is an aquifer? What is the difference between an unconfined aquifer, and a confined aquifer? What is the water table, and the Vadose zone? What is an aquitard? Slide 37: Be able to label the water table and the circled words (if a similar picture is provided). How do wells lead to damaged buildings? Why is Mexico City sinking, and by how much? Where is the Ogallala Aquifer? What is happening to it? What is the relationship between this aquifers recharge and withdrawal? How would this “affect the future of America’s breadbasket”? What three types of energy drive the weather? What part and percentage of the electromagnetic spectrum can we see? What blocks UV radiation in the atmosphere? What are our “electromagnetic sensors”? What are harmful and helpful aspects of UV radiation? What animal can “see” infrared radiation, and what does it use this ability to do? Why does IR radiation heat up water? (slide 54) Just in case… Here is some stuff you don’t need to know: Numbers on slides like 13, 16 and 18. You don’t need to memorize. But need to understand what is going (what is being described) on the figures. You don’t need to know what wavelengths different Electromagnetic waves are.
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Test1-ReviewQuestions-DrPeacorLectures3- -...

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