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ITP 109 Lab 6 Goal You will begin using classes and objects. Assignment Create a new project called Lab6 . Create a new Java class called Person . This class will have the following private attributes (as Strings): First Name Last Name Email Phone In the Person class, create accessor (or get) methods and mutator (or set) methods for the attributes. Also create a method called getName that returns the full name (first and last names) in a String. Create a new Java class called Lab6 to test our Person class. In the main method of the Lab6 class, create three instances of the Person
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Unformatted text preview: class. Put your own data into them. You do not need to prompt the user. • Use the Scanner class to ask the user to enter a last name in which to search for a person. Find the person instance and print out all of the person's information to the console window. • Make sure to comment your code. Grading - 15 points total • 5 points: Person attributes and methods • 5 points: Creating Person instances in Lab6. • 5 points: Searching and finding a person. • If you do not comment your code, points will be deducted....
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