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EDITING CHECKLIST I. Layout/Format ______ Margins 1.00-1.25” with NO paragraph indentation ______ Font 12 pt Serif for text ______ Headings bold and/or larger font Sans Serif ______ Headings concise, reflect context ______ Left margins justified/right margins NOT justified ______ Page length accurate II. Structure/Organization _____ Thesis/Bottom Line clear ______ Topic sentences clear and define each paragraph ______ Paragraphs contain supporting details; 8 to 9 sentences maximum
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Unformatted text preview: ______ Conclusion wraps up idea/Calls for action/Suggests next step III. Audience ______ Reader/Audience clearly defined ______ Tone appropriate for reader ______ Correct pronouns address reader IV. Grammar/Syntax ______ No wordy phrases ______ No passive voice ______ No weak verbs ______ No colloquialisms/clichés ______ No choppy sentences ______ No misplaced commas or semi-colons...
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