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Statistics with the TI-89

Statistics with the TI-89 - Statistics with the TI-89 The...

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1 Statistics with the TI-89 The TI-89 Manual, besides coming with your calculator, can be downloaded or read in a browser in Adobe Acrobat Reader form from http://education.ti.com/product/pdf/gb/eng/8992p/$8992book- eng.pdf . Using Graphlink to Transfer Variables, Files, and Flash Applications You can link two TI-89's to transfer variables, files, and flash applications. To do this, you connect the calculators by the linking cable that comes with each calculator. Make sure that it is inserted securely in each calculator. How to do this is found in Chapter 22 of the Manual. You can also purchase a graphlink cable and software that allows transfer of data from the calculator to and from a computer and the internet. Receiving Files. If you have the receiving calculator, hit 2 [F3](Link)–>2:Receive to receive files, folders and/or flash applications and 2 [F3](Link)–>5:Receive Product SW to receive operating system updates, which may be necessary to get new flash applications. You then get the WAITING TO RECEIVE and BUSY indicators on the status line. This means the calculator is ready to receive a transmission. To cancel this receive mode or to stop any transmission from either the receiving or sending unit, press ¥ followed by N in the error window that opens. Once transmission begins, messages requiring response may be received on the screen. If these are not self-explanatory, refer to the Manual. Sending files. To transmit files to another calculator, hit 2 . You then select (and/or deselect) the variables or folders to send using the [F4]( ) key. To transmit Flash Applications, first hit [F2](View) B 2:FlashApps . Once the items to transmit have been chosen and the receiving calculator is in receiving mode, hit [F3](Link)–>1:Send to TI-89/92 Plus . To transmit an updated operating system to the other calculator, hit 2 [F3](Link)–>4:Send Product SW. Installing the Inferential Statistics and Distribution Features In all that follows, except possibly for random numbers, use the Stats/List Editor Flash Application. You will need to acquire this either from the internet using graphlink or from another TI-89 that has it using the linking method described above. A manual for the Stats/List Editor is on my web site and is available at http://education.ti.com/product/pdf/gb/statsle.pdf . To use the Stats/List Editor application, hit O –>1:FlashApps, then navigate to the Stats/List Editor using the direction arrows and hit . In the folder selection window that opens, unless you wish to create a new folder for your Statistics Applications, just hit . To switch back and forth between the Stats/List Editor application and the home page, just hit 2 a . Of course, pressing " also returns you to the home page at any time.
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