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Reaction Paper: Sliding Doors The theme that is shown in this movie is destiny and fate. The sliding doors of a train car begin to close on her, and we see what would happen if she would have made the train, and if she would have missed it. The theme of Destiny and fate is portrayed through the main character of Helen. Through out this movie, two storylines start to take place and destiny and fate come into play. The first scenario is that everything goes wrong for Helen, she loses her job at a PR firm, her purse gets snatched, and she never finds out because she missed her train that her boyfriend Gerry is cheating on her with another woman. Now if she would have made the train she would have found out about her boyfriend cheating on her, she finds the right guy for her in James. She becomes very
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Unformatted text preview: successful in her own business. It even shows you the difference between who she becomes pregnant with. If she makes the train then she goes on to lead a life of happiness and success. If she misses the train, then she is very unhappy, works a low paying job as a waitress, and never finds out about the affair between Gerry and Lydia. Destiny and fate play a major role in this film; certain people in my mind are destined to do certain things. Just on the fact that if she misses or makes her train, it can determine the rest of her life. It makes you wonder about your own life, what if this happened to me instead of this. I think that everything happens for a reason, and that we all have our own destiny. The theme of Destiny and fate is portrayed through the main character of Helen....
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