Lecture 1 - Lecture 1 RLST 2600 1) Insider/Outsider;...

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Lecture 1 – RLST 2600 1) Insider/Outsider; Teaching Of/Teaching About Religion Public Education Religion Studies o Recognizes a distinction between: o Teaching of Religion: teaching of what is (alleged to be) ultimately true and important; i.e., direct religious instruction. Teaching about Religion: teaching about what people believe is ultimately true and important; not an attempt to instruct religiously. 2) Empathetic Objectivity What do “unprejudiced,” “empathetic,” and “objective” mean? o Unprejudiced: To not favor, or allow privileged status to, any one perspective. o Empathetic: To make the effort to understand something on its own terms, beyond how it appears to me -- especially before making judgments. o Objective: To get down and get clear about all relevant facts and meanings in an unbiased way. Empathetic Objectivity: Defining Features o 1. A capacity of your imagination o 2. To suspend identification temporarily with your own present perspective, o 3. And cross over and enter temporarily the perspective of the other,
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o 4. In order to apprehend and appreciate what can be seen and understood from there, o 5. And then to convey that to others in a neutral way that does it full justice. 6. Test of Empathy o Purpose: To determine how well you have empathized. The Test: Whether mature, knowledgeable insiders can recognize and confirm your interpretation as correct. 3) Phenomenology of Religion
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Lecture 1 - Lecture 1 RLST 2600 1) Insider/Outsider;...

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