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Lecture 2 - Lecture 2 RLST 2600 1 Spiritual Regret The...

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Lecture 2 - RLST 2600 1) Spiritual Regret The virtue of studying and learning novel and other religious models, yet refraining from practicing these virtues in our own lives. higher education presents the ability to utilize imagination. combines a deep appreciation and enjoyment of the goods represented in the view of another tradition, along with a sadness that, due to our facticity and the need to maintain integrity of the self, we will never be able to realize these goods in our own lives. We begin with the understanding that our way of life, our vision of the good, is only one among many. 2) Comparing Religions Judaism, Christianity, & Islam as “blood brothers” o 1) They originated in close proximity. o 2) They found first expression in closely related Semitic Languages: Hebrew, Aramaic, and Arabic. o 3) Each claims Abraham as patriarch and model of true faith. o 4) Each later tradition has conceived itself in some sense as successor to the former Judaism, Christianity, & Islam as successive “blood brothers” o Each conceives itself (or its members) as bearers of the blessing of God to Abraham: o Recipients of the call to be the people of God’s promise, chosen by God to be bearers of o the power to save [to realize at-onement with God], o the power to bring about peace, and o the power to realize justice. o Each believes itself somehow to be more true to the spirit of God’s intention than its predecessor. Other members (“cousins”) within the same family o Zoroastrianism (the Parsee faith in modern India)
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o Baha’i o The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Mormon faith) [Mormons consider their church a restoration of the original Christian faith, brought about through a new revelation of God.] o Secular forms of Messianic Socialism o Bourgeois liberal socialism o Marxist socialist humanism Distinctive Traits of the Three Western Religions o 1. “Ultimate Reality” is commonly conceived as “God,” who is: o A. One -- transcending creation,
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