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Topics for EE 520 Midterm Exam Spin-1/2 particles and q-bits. Dirac notation. Bases. Inner and outer products. Operators: unitary, Hermitian, projectors, positive. Tensor products of states and operators. Postulates of quantum mechanics. Quantum registers. Unitary transformations and time evolution. Schroedinger equation. No-cloning theorem. Measurement (projective and generalized): formula for probabilities state after measurement Product states and entangled states.
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Unformatted text preview: Boolean circuits and classical reversible gates. Turing machines and computational complexity classes. Oracles. Quantum gates and quantum circuits. BB84 quantum cryptography. Quantum teleportation. Quantum circuits for calculating functions. Quantum oracles and Deutsch's problem. Universal sets of quantum gates. Quantum Fourier transform. Period nding and phase estimation. Shor's factoring algorithm. Grover's search algorithm....
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