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Travels with Charley 1. In Steinbeck’s view which is more important: the journey or the destination? Why? Steinbeck says that the journey is the more important. He says that a journey, “Has personality, temperament, individuality, and uniqueness.” Steinbeck compares a journey to a person, saying that no two are like. What he is telling us here is that a destination is just a place we choose to go to, but the journey is a process, a process that someone can learn a lot from. A journey in his view is like marriage, and only those have experienced it can understand it. 2. Why does Steinbeck hate submarines? After talking to the soldier, does his attitude towards submarines change or does it make him hate them more. Why? He hates submarines because he says there main purpose is threat. They are designed for destruction and armed with mass murder. After talking to the soldier about submarines, he starts to think to himself could he be wrong about what he thought. “Could be that he is right and that
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Travels with Charley - Travels with Charley 1. In...

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