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Anthro 30 B Notes 4-23-07 Ethnographic Methods Some advice on participant observation -Keep an open mind and a non-judgemental attitude. -Be sentistive about intruding into situations where you are unwelcome. -You may run into situiations were people state that this is not for documentation. -Be genuinely interested in people, their stories and their activities. - You will feel awkaward and out-of-place especially the first few monts -You will make mistakes -Be a careful observer -Be a good listener -Be open to being surprised “Direct systematic observation of behavior” -observations of behavior structured by specific rules about who we observe, when, and what we record. -Ex: Anthropoligist followed foragers around during their day and recorded what they were doing at specific time-intervals. Typical feautures of good fieldnotes
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Unformatted text preview: -Exact quotes included (as close as you can get)-Pseudonym or coding used to ID actors (don’t use peoples real names)-Describe action in the sequence in which it happened-notes should include relevant history of individuals or incidents being described-Differentiatie your own summary of events from your recording of quotes -The data, place, time and name of the researcher are recoreded at the top of a set of notes. In depth open-ended interviews-Exploratory-Open-ended- any and all relevant responses are included-Do I keep my interviewee on topic or do I follow their lead? -one follow where they go, let them talk-two pick up from previous topic -three stear them back to main topic-Things that can go wrong:-Technical or equipment problems-No- shows-Lack of “rapport” or interviewee distracted...
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