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Gogerdchian, Alireza 69198399 Anthro 125Z research paper 6/13/08 Experiencing a Pakistani Wedding Throughout the Muslim religion even if one looks back to the very start of the religion, one very important aspect has been the coming together of a man and women. From thousands of years ago to present day today, marriage has always been a big celebration for the Muslim people. They view and respect the coming together of two people as an extremely special and life-changing occasion, for both the bride and the groom. Although most Muslim followers read and follow the same teachings of the Quran, it is interesting to see how each society of Muslim followers perform events such as marriages so similar to each other yet have certain cultural difference’s. Muslim’s that have been in the United States for all their lives don’t really get to see or feel the level of excitement that comes from a Muslim Wedding that takes place in their homeland. For this research project my group and I choose to examine a wedding of a young Pakistani couple. To my understanding both the bride and grooms family were Sunni Muslims. Growing up in the States after being born in Iran, and attending one of my uncle’s weddings in Iran about 4 years ago I felt that gave me somewhat of an idea about what to expect going into this wedding. I had certain images in my head from the Persian weddings I had attended and I figured that they were going to be very similar
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except with maybe different foods, and music; thus giving me thoughts about a hypothesis. As an anthropologist the main focus of your mission is to get find an excellent working method and acquire the needed research to finish your task. The initial hypothesis that I made before having seen or heard anything about this wedding stated: “Due to the wedding being a Pakistani Muslim marriage most events that take place throughout the marriage will very much resemble that of which I have seen before in Persian weddings, however there will be certain specific differences resulting from Sunni and Shia Muslim practices.” With specific expectations and thoughts already implemented in my head I went to attend a new type of wedding that I had never seen before. Knowing that it will probably be impossible to speak to the bride and groom during such a hectic time I figured I could maybe talk to a close family friend, so I took a small notepad and a pen to record if possible any interviews. When the day comes for ones wedding it is probably the day that the certain couple getting married has been waiting for, for an incredibly long time, and also a day that neither of them will ever forget. One of the most important aspects to any successful big celebration/reception is the venue and site that the event is being held at. Muslim marriages/ wedding ceremonies have been known to be very massive and over the top. For such an event it is important to find the certain place that meets all the requirements
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anthro 125z essay - Gogerdchian Alireza 69198399 Anthro...

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